Favorite Xmas gift? Grandpa’s folding ruler.

My desk...Got a lot of great gifts this Christmas. A great hat from 10 Engines, a card case from Billykirk (above), a cool Filson vest, a Wii, and (as usual) a bunch of home runs from my wife. She’s a world class gift giver.

But my favorite gift from my parents was easily my grandfather’s folding ruler (pictured above). I’d seen a ton of these online and had often considered buying myself one, but this one is so much better. According to my mother, my grandpa–born in 1908–inherited this from his uncle. With that in mind, we could easily be looking at over a century of use. More detailed view after the jump…


Ruler detailThere seem to be a number of C.S. Co. folding rulers out there, but I can’t find any information on the company itself.


2Love the style of these 2’s.

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One thought on “Favorite Xmas gift? Grandpa’s folding ruler.

  1. […] my grandpa’s Key overalls. Left front pocket features one of his folding rulers (that makes two for me) and a cool set of cast iron pliers. Right front pocket features a great Levi’s […]

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