Trackside Lounge – Omaha, Neb.

Still trying to formulate a plan for race day, but the Trackside Lounge seems like as good a place to watch as any. I know most people would advise you to stay away, but if this place doesn’t look like a punter’s bar–or at least what used to be one–I don’t know what one would look like.

Then again, maybe I should stay away. I have all sorts of idealized notions about what this bar used to be–thick with smoke, bettors and track workers drinking and angling, the floor littered with pages from the form and torn betting slips–back when it was still in the shadows of a working horse track. To see it now might only depress me further.

Anyway, can’t have a Derby Week without putting out at least one pick. Here’s mine: If Paddy O’Prada is anywhere near the 20-1 he started out at on the morning line, bet him hard. I could go for more Desormeaux again this year.

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