Queen-sized Cans and Princess-packs

Saw some vintage magazine advertising for Storz-ette at an estate sale recently. Considering this was a beer brewed and marketed specifically for women–by the biggest of the Omaha breweries–it had all the usual mid-century sexist trappings you might expect, supplemented by a not too big glass of not too bitter beer. Interesting subject, good shape, but the price was a bit steep. I didn’t “pop on it” in the parlance of the times.

Here’s the full story on Storz-ette from RustyCans.com:

In 1953 Storz tried to market a new product for women, “Storzette.”  Designed to be a beer for the ladies it was supposedly not too bitter and was calorie controlled.  it also came in a smaller can, 8 ounces, which Storz called “Queen sized” and it came in four can packs called “Princess Packs.”   The brewery noted that market studies showed that many women felt that the standard 12 oz can provided too large a serving.  The beer inside was also different, made to be less bitter than standard beers.  The can even had a pink orchid pictured on it to help it appeal to women.  It’s initial test market results in San Diego seemed positive, but in the end the effort was not successful and Storzette did not last long on the market.  As a result, the little can with the orchid is very scarce.  Storz also used a slogan on its regular cans for awhile in the 1950s, “the Orchid of Beer” which has to be one of the more unusual beer advertising slogans.

Here’s a better look at the cans Storz chose to use. Very Georgia O’Keefe.

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