La Quercia

Feel like most people know by now that some of the best meat in America–some say the world–is being produced at La Quercia right outside of Des Moines, Iowa. But if you didn’t, I finally had the chance to try some of their prosciutto last night–sketchy phone photo here–and you need to find some. I’d describe the paper thin, nearly translucent slices thusly: Nutty. Buttery. Salty. Perfect. One of the best things I’ve ever eaten. (FWIW: The guy who eats all manner of disgusting things on television agrees with me.)

Here’s another video from the excellent Sky Full of Bacon series, describing the origins of the business  and the difficulty convincing people to raise hogs on acorns in Iowa.

If you’re in Omaha you can find La Quercia salumi at Dante Pizzeria or at Whole Foods. Elsewhere? Click here for a listing by state or order online ($58/4 lbs). After that, you can decide if you want to literally go whole hog and sign up for their Acorn Edition. No current pricing on that is listed on the website, but I think about $3000 will get you a year’s worth of meat from nose to tail.

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