Mad Men-era Omaha

“Welcome to Omaha – The World’s Largest Livestock Market and Meat Packing Center.”

Ahhh, nothing brings in the out of town tourists like meat packing. Happened across these cool scans of an issue of This Week in Omaha from December of 1963 while searching for something else. The publication was produced by the Omaha chapter of the Hotel Greeters of America.

Want to know what Omaha was like in the era of Mad Men? These pages will give you an idea. Looks like most every place was a lounge of one variation or another (Hawaiian themed, Italian, etc.). Everyone served sea food, boasted of their steaks and pimped the live entertainment.

Against what has to be some pretty long odds, the page below even features three restaurants that are still open.

Johnny’s and Gorat’s are two of the old school Omaha steakhouses that have continued to solider on even as the population has moved west–I’ll save any in depth commentary for a later steakhouse exclusive post–and King Fong Cafe still fights the good fight on a mostly abandoned block of 16th Street.

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