Oktoberfest Music

We’re all planning to hit the Oktoberfest celebration at the Huber Haus this weekend right? Free admission, polka bands and, of course, German beer. Love the setup here. Buy yourself a ceramic mug–half liter or liter is good enough, you don’t really want a boot–and get it filled with the same marzen brews flowing through Munich right now.  And while the guys at Beer Corner will have the music covered Friday and Saturday, if you’re of the country bent and looking for something to fuel your own celebration the answer is Texas Bohemia, Vol. 2: the Texas Bohemian-Moravian-German Bands.

Of course this collection comes from Germany. All the best weird and forgotten trad-country does. Recorded at Texas dance halls and dives between 1970 and 1987, the collection features a score of jukebox hits from “Elvira” to “Ride Me Down Easy”.  Some later stuff from my personal Holy Grail Adolph Hofner and the Pearl Wranglers but the true highlights are the brass-stained versions of “Okie from Muskogee” by the Ellinger Combo and “Apartment No. 9” by Jimmy Brosch and his Happy Country Boys.

Not from the album, but this video from Buffalo Touch will give you an idea of what’s on the album.

Would love to share more information from the liner notes–featuring some killer photographs–but they’re in German and I can’t read those…yet.

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