Things you can buy me for Christmas

Happy Black Friday, all. It’s time to start buying in the name of worldwide bonhomie/obligation. Should the Internet/Santa need some ideas here are a bunch of things most people wouldn’t think to give me. (Though I’m still all for well-conceived surprises.)

Bay State Tartan Scarf

 I remember fondly my time in Massachusetts and nothing encapsulates this better than the official tartan of the Bay State. The blues are for the oceans, the greens are for some hills, tan is for Cape Cod beaches or something and red is for Curt Schilling’s sock. Quite confident that I’ll be the only person in Omaha with this scarf and, even better, it’s a steal at only $27.50.

Chrome Heavyweight Safety Razor

Read somewhere that the old single blade razor is the way to go if you want to avoid having your neck look like the surface of the moon. My neck always looks that way so it seems like it’s worth a shot. Maybe it will be more of a pain in the ass than I’m imagining but, after a good 19 years of shaving, I’m desperate.

European Fields: The Landscape of Lower League Football

For my full feelings on this amazing book of photographs click here. Looks like copies are more difficult to come by than when I initially wrote about the book so the time is now.
The Hill-Side: PN57-080
After taking inventory, my tie collection is heavy on the blue. This tie helps fix that but, really, anything from The Hill-Side is always ok by me.
Cedar Shoe Valet

Somehow, caring for and/or polishing my shoes and boots has become one of my favorite things to do while watching TV. This would make it a lot easier.

Quoddy Maliseet Oxford

Speaking of shoes, I’m really high on these oxfords from Quoddy. Navy with a brick sole is my first choice, but I’m also liking the green/gum. They don’t come cheap, but I’m firmly in the “buy once” camp.

Stanley Stainless Steel Flask

First for the stocking, then for the inside coat pocket.


Vintage Junghans Military Watch

Given the prices of vintage watches these days, $260 seems like a good deal, even for one that’s been refurbished.


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