Make This Cake


Received the latest issue of Lucky Peach last night. By far the best of the first three issues, the Chef’s issue (Spring) is devoted almost entirely to tackling the tricky subject of the celebrity chef and how it’s changing the way we eat. So check it out for that.

Or, check it out for this coffee mug cake you can make in two minutes.

Apparently the below recipe from the magazine was inspired by some sort of chocolate lovers chain e-mail Internet meme thing that I missed. Oh well, I’ve got it now and the ability to have chocolate cake within 120 seconds feels like what it is…magic.

The stuff you need and probably already have:

1 coffee mug / 1 egg / 3 T milk / 3 T oil / 3 T flour / 4 T sugar / 2 T cocoa powder / 3 T semi-sweet chocolate chips / splash of vanilla extract / pinch of salt

Mix the egg, milk and oil in the mug. Add the flour, sugar, and cocoa and mix again. Next the chocolate chips, vanilla and salt. Mix and then microwave for two minutes. Eat chocolate cake.

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4 thoughts on “Make This Cake

  1. cookiemomma says:

    OMG!! Thank you!

  2. Woh, great idea ! Just a question… I’m french and wondering about your “T” in the recipe. T is for Teaspoon or what else ? thks xoxo

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