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A Cap Collection: 1986-99


I’m enjoying the Medium.com format so far. It’s got the cleanest writing interface I’ve ever used — the em-dashes look like em-dashes! — and the community there is quite active when it comes to commenting and collaboration.

I wrote my second thing over there and it’s on a project I’ve been thinking about for a while: documenting my childhood baseball cap collection.

You can see the full collection over on my Flickr page, and read the story, “The Sad and Rapid Decline of the Ball Cap,” at Medium.

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Requiem for the Ball Cap

I’m a cap guy. By my own estimation I’ve spent more of my life wearing a baseball cap than without. This is for two reasons.

One, my father was a farmer and had an extensive collection of ball caps given to him by any number of organizations. I took up that collector’s impulse early on. Two, the reason my father and I probably favored wearing a hat was largely genetic. We come from a long line of bald men.

By the time I was a senior in high school my hair line had already begun it’s retreat. This is embarrassing for an 18-year-old and a hat hid that. But now that I’m older and don’t care that I’m bald, a hat is a more functional choice. It keeps the sun and cold out. Now the problem is finding a decent looking cap to serve that purpose.

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